Cute Points


Top +/- Epic Powers


Average Epic Power


Maximum Recommended % cuteness when character feels floors that feels cute with his/her bare skin


Embarrassment of character who has felt floors that feel 100%+ cute with his/her skin is dangerous for people over


Koops is a shyest and most embarrassing Mario character I've ever seen in my life. I just wanted to take his band-aid off his nose. My life with Koops has just got more intense since I was 14.

Koops' SadnessEdit

I've got embarrassed when he said "...It's my father! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! D'X." My heart felt like a 15t weight when I saw Koops crying. And that is why Koops makes an Epic Power of -6.

My heart felt like it is going to weigh 30,000 pounds due to embarrassment when I saw this.

His long lost fatherEdit

My embarassment begins when Koops' blue shelled father named Koopley got swallowed by a huge red dragon named Hooktail. (Fun Fact: Hooktail is a girl.) The embarassing fact about Koops is that he is timid. During Mario's adventure with Koops, they went to Hooktail castle. The most embarrassing thing Koops does was dying, because the Epic Power of him dying is -108. If Koops disappeared into the grave, his girlfriend named Koopie Koo cries loudly and there is only 1 member left in his family. OUCH! :(

Clock Out Special MoveEdit

I got proud when Koops cries near a Emerald Star Time Bomb. (Epic Power is +3/-1/+3. There is 66.67% Koops makes a Epic Power of +3 and there is 33.33% he makes an Epic Power of -1.)

Artifical EmbarrassmentEdit


Koops breakdancing. Two possible Epic Powers of him breakdancing is plus 10 and plus 55.5.

One artifical embarrassment about Koops was seeing him crawling into his shell. Three possible Epic Powers are -10, -15, and -20. But seeing him breakdancing after he attacks (an) ememy(ies) has dangerous positive Epic Powers that automatically makes you scream being scared by adult content. (After he attacks (an) enemy(ies) making an Epic Power of -11 or lower, seeing him breakdancing making a positive Epic Power makes you scream being scared by an adult content and cried for 1 minute plus extra minutes for a number less than an Epic Power of -11.

Blocking someone on YouTube who has warned 3 times to execute the Power Shell Stylish MovesEdit

Prior to December 15 2010, I instantly block users on Youtube who has not executed the Power Shell Stylish Move so far on his/her Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door playthrough. Now if I warned him/her 3 times to execute the Power Shell Stylish Move, I block him/her. The reason: Koops is my least favorite partner unless he finally spins on his head.

All Epic Powers of KoopsEdit

Name of Regular and Stylish Move(s) Epic Powers
Shell Toss; Backspin; Pose -10; +10; +6
Power Shell; Headstand; Pose -15; +55.5; +9
Shell Sheild; Wave at the Audience -5; +8/+5/+8
Shell Slam ;Headstand; Pose -20; +55.5; +10

Note: Bold Epic Powers are the highest or lowest Koops have ever make while doing one action.

Other Epic PowersEdit

Take Damage: -6

Die: -108

Appeal: -11

Defend: +1/-3/+1

Drop to the Floor: -8 (Run Away); -7 (Take Damage in Field)

Field Move: -9

Cry: -6 (Hooktail's Castle); +3/-1/+3 (Clock Out)

Victory Reaction: -4 (92%)/-2 (8%)

Sleep: [-5 (99.9%)/+6 (0.1%) (Battle)]; +6 (Field); +7 (Luigi's Stories)

Offset Stylish Move/Touching Floor Epic Powers Due to Status AilmentsEdit

Poison: Positive Epic Powers Remains +0.5; Negative Epic Powers are Sextupled and Decreased By Six.

Dizzy: Epic Powers are Decreased/Increased by Five.

Tiny or Huge: Epic Powers are Quadripled/Cut in Fourths.

Confused: Epic Powers are Decreased by Two and a Half.

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